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Flavor List

Classic White                     Lemon                                   Champagne (extra charge)           

Butter                               Strawberry                              Coconut

Chocolate                          Cinnamon                              Almond

Dark Chocolate                  Bourbon (extra charge)           Carrot 

Cotton Candy                    Spice                                      Mocha

*If there is a flavor that you want but don't see, just ask!

Wedding Cakes

All wedding cakes are custom made and priced accordingly.


Everyone loves cupcakes! 

Party Cakes

Want a themed cake for your event? Contact me with your ideas!

Specialty Cakes

Several decadent cakes to choose from that would be perfect for any occasion!

Cookies and Biscotti 

Grab a treat and a cup of coffee!  Several options to choose from.

Other Sweet Treats

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Wedding favors

Cookie Decorating Kits


Celebrate life. Eat Cake!

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